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Default IT Consulting / Computer services

I provide IT Consulting in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

Services include:

Networking: Design, Architecture, Maintenance and Repair of all kinds. Specialize in Cisco, but we're happy to work with the vendor of your choice as well.

Network Setups: Need a new small business network setup? Want a central file server? Tired of crappy outsourced email? Need to virtualize some of your physical servers? Setting up a new WiFi Infrastructure? Want VOIP? We can help.

Security Services: Network security assesments, vulnerability scans and basic pen testing. We are qualified to perform basic assesments; for those clients wishing to engage in a more thorough engagement, we can help guide you through the process, away from the charlatans and leave you with a much better understanding of your security posture.

Need to write/update your security policy and procedure? We specialize in creating compliance with FIPS (generally based on NIST SP 800-53). We can help you turn basic policy statements in workable, thorough procedures.

Computer repair/purchasing/secure disposal: We are fully qualified to handle all forms of system procurement, repair and disposal. Getting rid of some desktops, but want to make sure your data is preserved? Need to stretch your purchasing dollars? Out of time, and need someone to get the best equipment at the best price?

SatCom: We offer a full range of SatCom services, including VSAT terminals, BGAN (both stationary and on-the-move), and Satellite phones. We can provide you with a standby VSAT link which will work when everything else is down for a relatively small monthly fee, and the ability to turn-on up to 5 Mbps of traffic in less than 12 hours for most cases.

PM for rates, estimates, or with any questions.
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