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Angry My comments made about 4 months ago on this

I can safely predict that Spenceville will be closed within two years. But why or why the sheep ask. Well boys and girls because the powers that be want it that way! Shooting on public lands is doomed to be but a dusty memory that only old guys will talk about. The Spenceville shooting range is great place but without some policing, private or public the place is literally a target for closure.

The condescending tone is intentional! I want the shooting community pissed enough to actually get off their collective a..s and act. We’ve got very few places to shoot and the places you can are crowded, virtual garbage dumps where anarchy can prevail. A couple of guys I was talking to said gang bangers are driving up there shooting like idiots and according to these people possibly illegal autos Most shooters are responsible and will do the right thing but there is an element of society that does not help our sport.

I went out to Spenceville only one time about a week ago and had a great time. I live in Vallejo, why did I drive all that way to shoot? Well that would be because Knoxville BLM land is closed to shooting! The trend of closing areas to shooting has been relentless and long.

The BLM, Forest Service, Sheriffs Departments and the State of California would like nothing better to kick shooting enthusiasts out and reduce their exposure to potential problems that involve “evil” firearms. The voting public is likely on their side. The average Californian these days think gun think - bad.
So you ask “what do we do!” First contribute to Calguns, second tell others about Calguns and organize. Maybe we can convince the local legislators that we are not all ignorant, ill-informed, gun toting Bubbas. No funding is given to these places that have literally hundreds of tax paying citizens enjoying yet there is room in the budget for various parks and public areas that don’t have a quarter of the use. I met a great guy out there who has been volunteering his time since the late 70’s out at Spenceville cleaning up the trash, cutting the weeds and gently informing shooters about the rules. We need to kick out a few bucks out to support basic maintenance or the average Joe non-shooter is going to look at photos of these places and say “close down that noisy, nuisance that looks like a dump”.

Its time to scream that we need our fair share. After all you all do realize that you pay extra taxes on the ammunition, guns and licenses that we do not get a proportionate share. My two cents ORGANIZE, INFLUENCE AND FUND. Calguns sponsorship of this area?
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