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Originally Posted by MudCamper View Post
Well from what I can tell the NP LE seem to have been brought up to date on both the new federal change, and even California PC including 12031(e). So then I guess it depends on what your definition of "hassle" is, combined with what a particular LEO's understanding of how far he can go with an (e) check. It's really uncharted territory in most areas right now. However, IMO you won't have the weapon confiscated nor be arrested.
Thanks for the info!

I suspect most people won't notice, like it was in the Shasta Trinity NF...if they do, I understand what LEOs are and are not legally allowed to do. I will most likely be covering the serial numbers with small pieces of tape as, during their inspection of the mag and chamber, they are allowed to 'observe' the serial numbers. I will also have the open carry pamphlet outlining the laws of carrying, although I will not have my license or HSC on me, as they are not required for open carry.
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