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Originally Posted by rspeed9i6 View Post
im currently residing in the north sacramento area, and i would like to eventually visit spenceville on one of my range days. just trying to see if its worth the drive and saving the extra $15 by going to this range, or is it just a waste of time with a bunch of stupid, immature, unsafe shooters getting drunk?
I only shoot up there because it's the closest place (besides maybe Oroville which is usually packed) to home (Yuba City). A lot of the problems with litter and dumping are being worked on with the rangers cracking down, as well as doing a controlled burn to get rid of a lot of tall brush and grass that was overgrowing the range, but the main problem is still the lack of safety.

I personally have left this range early on more than one occasion because of shooters being completely unsafe. I've seen teenage kids come out with not compliant firearms (usually an AK or Daddy's AR) and hipfire 30 rnd mags into the ground and point their weapons around and posing for myspace pics. I've had people shoot crossrange at my targets, trying to start some sort of pissing match with me. The young guys are the ones that anger me the most. I'm young myself, only 22, but I know what is and isn't safe range practices, and I don't think it's too much to ask that these young people do the same.

I was there probably three or four weeks ago, and a man who was supposed to be showing his girlfriend/wife the ropes of handgun shooting and safety just walks out to the 30 yard berm while people are still firing on the line, no clear, no ceasefire, just walks on out there and starts setting up targets. A terrible example to be setting for a novice shooter.

Save your gas and your time, don't go to spenceville
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