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hey guys, im a new calgunner and a new ar15 owner....its also my first firearm...ive put about 200 rds through it at the rancho cordova shooting range, and by all means, i love the place and enjoy shooting there...but as i look at the fees, $15 for the range fee adds up over time, especially if i go every week, which is what i have been doing. now from what ive been reading and hearing about this spenceville place, im getting both sides of the fence. im currently residing in the north sacramento area, and i would like to eventually visit spenceville on one of my range days. just trying to see if its worth the drive and saving the extra $15 by going to this range, or is it just a waste of time with a bunch of stupid, immature, unsafe shooters getting drunk?

honestly i wouldnt mind going up there to try out my ar15 without a 1 shot 1 second rule one time or so....but, also i wouldnt want to be out there with these "hooligans" who are "messing it up" for everyone else....

thanks for the info guys, hope to see you out on the ranges!
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