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Originally Posted by 17+1 View Post
My question: what is the risk of being hassled/arrested/weapon confiscated by carrying in a National Park?
Well from what I can tell the NP LE seem to have been brought up to date on both the new federal change, and even California PC including 12031(e). So then I guess it depends on what your definition of "hassle" is, combined with what a particular LEO's understanding of how far he can go with an (e) check. It's really uncharted territory in most areas right now. However, IMO you won't have the weapon confiscated nor be arrested.

Originally Posted by Nick1236 View Post
Under what circumstances is it LEGAL to load/discharge a firearm within a national/state park? I want assume only under self defense instances (ex. bear/wolf/cougar/mountain lion, or another animal capable of killing you is attacking) but I want to make sure.
Well in State Parks, it's never legal to possess an unlocked or operable firearm, so technically, you'd violate the Park code when you otherwise legally defended yourself.

As for National Parks, it's basically "prohibited area" per CA PC 12031, meaning, you can load in emergencies. As for when it is legal to discharge and use lethal force, well, it's the same as the rest of the state. It's complicated, but basically if you or any innocent is under imminent thread of great bodily injury or death.
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