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Does anyone have load data for Barnes 150 grain Triple Shock X bullets for .308 Winchester and/or 300WSM.

I’d love to find a Varget load for both to minimize the number of powders on my bench. I have a lb. of 7828ssc for the 300WSM, but most of the load data leans towards 180s or bigger.

These 150 Barnes load will be for lead free California deer zones. This is my first foray with Barnes bullets. I have learned they are often more sensitive in pressure than other bullets, and to work up loads in smaller increments. I almost always side toward the starting loads anyway; so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Any help or advice on Barnes bullets greatly appreciated.

I know this s a .308 thread, but I like having two rifles ready for deer season just in case. The 300WSM is a bit much for blacktails, but 150s might be good load for longe range and antelope.

Thanks in advance.
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