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Mr.CRC. Agree with you on the behavior. How do you get someone to do something for you by threat of force or give them a good reason to.

You may want to check out videos on you tube by anti-terrorist. A brit but intelligent and spot on. He's basically stating that police are revenue agents.

Just look at oakland. Lay off 80 officers. Remaining do what? Write tickets for revenue collection. Expired registration tags = threat to public safety? Not by themselves. But they are a threat to the state's income. I agree on regulation such as valid dl, insurance. Do police departments need the income from tickets etc?

Check out Colima Rd. in Rowland Hts. sometime in the early to middle of the month. At once, I saw 3 chp had someone pulled over writing ticket within 2 blocks of each other. Distance wise it was less than 1 city block. This happens regularly. We need to get chp off of local streets, they don't do a damn thing for public safety on local.

OLL, I haven't been hasseled about them. Doesn't mean I won't get hasseled.

Prudent thinking to have the registration papers for the rifle with an empty mag in the mag-well and 10/20, 10/30 or that unsightly 10/30 with the poser window.

I'm always polite to any leo I run into. Don't run into very often.
But being polite, respectful of the leo's authority but assertive is much more helpful to your cause than rude and belligerent. Why needlessly provoke a situation?

Just my 2 cents.
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