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Randall, I appreciate your patience with me, Iím currently deployed and itís kind of difficult to do research. I'm getting ready to place my remaining equipment orders, but still have a couple of questions for clarification...

I will be following your method for both 5.56 and 7.62 AR platforms, so full length resize and crimp will be required.

Since I'm doing two calibers, do you recommend a universal deprimer for sta 1 before the Dillon resize/trim station? If so, do you have a preference?

When reloading, you are using a 22-250 die to expand the neck without working the rest of the brass, can the Dillon size/decap dies for both calibers be raised enough to allow the same benefit while still sizing the neck so I don't have to lube cases again after the earlier resize and trim steps? If not, what die would you recommend to do the same with 7.62 as you are with the 5.56?

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