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Originally Posted by MrPlink View Post
nothing wrong with that! Build fundamentals!
I prefer to shoot a new firearm with just irons for a while before I even consider optics. I like to know what it performs like in its natural state, plus its nice to know how to operate it with just irons if you optic goes out for whatever reason.

I had at least 1500 rounds through mine before I tossed on the optic.
Did the same with my AK.
Thanks man. I just picked it up and had one question...

My magazine (10/25 of course) didn't come with the loading assist button/thumb thing...I called Big 5 and he checked out his other mags from the other 15-22 boxes and he said they didn't have them either and that it was a CA compliance issue.

Is he just trying to cheat me out of a proper magazine, or is it really missing due to CA compliance? I've never heard of load assist buttons being outlawed.

Thank You, it is a beautiful rifle + light as a feather because of the polymer.
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