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Originally Posted by oaklander View Post
The leftists have thoroughly (again) convinced the public that people shouldn't be held accountable for their OWN actions...instead blaming the 'evil' manufacturers. The lack of common sense in their argument is staggering, but the scariest part of it is that people buy into it.
I also feel strongly about going after the individuals in this case in Civil Court. They've got to be held personally responsible for their actions, and IMO not until then will they have the motivation to act responsibly, and leave their personal feelings at the door. Obviously this ***** has it in for law-abiding gun owners, and therefore needs to be taught a lesson.
IIRC, the defense lawyer stated himself in a post on here that he's witnessed 'Chinn' personally 'manufacturing' evidence. I'm not a lawyer, but I at least know that right there is several steps on the ladder ABOVE negligence. That's criminal! Dude has to pay!
BTW...who the heck names their kid 'Ignacius'? That guy was born 5 cards short of a full deck.

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