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Hello guys. Thought I'd let you know that a bay area transplant just moved into Barrio Logan (in San Diego).

I've done IT for ages. Just starting to get out of it with a community idea that a friend and I are starting. Trying for something of a more sustainable urban living. Just started it off so we'll see how that goes.

I have a multitude of skills. Before going into IT after high school I pretty much grew up off the grid on various farms in the south. I'm great with a multitude of skills that required though they have rusted in the 14 years I haven't lived on a farm.

I'm a very quick learner, and tend to pay attention. There's not much that I cannot do if I sit down and learn about it. Oddly enough I have a degree in audio engineering as well.

I do have a mostly built ak pistol from a receiver flat. Just haven't had the time to finish it. Have been getting ready to buy some tools for various projects, and a press will probably be one of them. Maybe even a jig kit.
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