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glenndf = Dan
Born and raised right here on the Peninsula.
Poli-Sci and Econ double major @ Miami Univ. of Ohio.
Planning to go to law school and maybe specialize in 2a law.
Picking up my first gun, a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle, on Sunday, though my dad and I have been shooting his guns for a few years now, so I'm a decent enough marksman.
Originally Posted by gravedigger View Post
Do I even dare ASK how a failure on my part to unearth the rotting cadaver of a murdered prostitute buried in my back yard translates into "19 pages of cock tease" on YOUR part?
Originally Posted by OleCuss View Post
Right. But if they didn't have a Bullet Button on their EBR's they would surely have committed mass murder by now. The BB makes all the difference!
Proud to be a member of the CRPA and the NRA.
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