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Originally Posted by jigenax View Post
Hey OmutaX,
How much was the COE fee?

COE fees are:

$22 to the DOJ as a processing fee, paid by check or money order

$32 DOJ fingerprint process fee and $19 FBI fingerprint process fee (paid by where you livescan)

My livescan facility (a local Mail Boxes Etc store) charged me $25 for their own fees. There are cheaper around if you're lucky enough to be around em, but I didn't want to drive 20 mins one way to save 5 or 7 bucks.

The prices are all within what has been posted and expected, its just when I pieced everything together myself in the same day I realized by the time I sent it to the post office that I'd spent nearly a hundred bucks just for this thing. The ATF only charges $30 and that's for 3 years, which by the way was charged on the 27th
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