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Originally Posted by scootergmc
As promised:

That's an interesting piece, since that's not an actual DET 1 pistol, and yet is a Kimber with DET 1 serial #... which they were supposedly not ever supposed to sell on the civilian market? Their civilian version was supposed to be a very short run of MCP-1 serial prefixed pistols, and then was followed by the "Warrior" and "Desert Warrior."

Now, clearly you have it, so don't go getting all defensive, I'm simply saying all the USMC SOCOM guys I know, and all the sources I read when they were originally putting this pistol out a few years back, stated that the DET 1 pistols were further modified by the Quantico armorers after they were received from Kimber (Dawson rail, Ed brown safety, Wilson mags, and coyote gunner's grips rather than the Kimber factory grips). That's the only reason I say yours isn't an actual DET 1 pistol. But I could well be mistaken, in any case, divulging your hook up or not, how did you come by it, and what would you say it is. Either way its a very nice looking pistol.
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