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Originally Posted by EricCartmann
The original Springfield Armory actually developed and built rifles. Did you know the M1903 and Garand were developed and produced at Springfield Armory? If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck..... This sounds like a company to me. In the late 60's Springfield closed it's doors in Springfield Mass only to reopen ~5 years later in Illinois. Some dude bought the name and began producing M14 rifles. This dude had a right to use that name hence the reason you see "Springfield since 1794"

I guess it is ok for other companies to file chapter 11, restructure, and sometimes close it's door with just a NAME only to reopen years later. I am sure Tobasco Sauce and the Colonels chicken is not the same either. But I guess it is not ok for Springfield to do this.

I guess your problem is you want the label to say "Springfield since 1974" instead of "Springfield since 1794"... well you always can write to the Gov't to complain hahahaha. Springfield Armory Inc, has the right to use the NAME. Marketing gimmick? Maybe, but what of anything on this earth is not a marketing gimmick?

You can try to buy the NAME Marine Corp LLC, and set up your own company, I just want to say good luck with that. I don't think the Gov't will let you use the motto "Marine Corp since 1775" for your company... but anyways good luck with that. Why do you want to use that name anyways? You trying to raise a private mercenary naval infantry battalion?
Springfield Armory in Illinois is NOT a restructured Chapter 11 company. As was stated it has ABSOLUTLEY NO RELATIONSHIP to the Government's Springfield Armory except that they bought the rights to use the name only. Nothing else was transferred. The "real" Springfield Armory is a museum today.

The company in Illinois bought the name so they could market M-1's with a familiar name. In the 80's the sons, the Resse brothers, began producing mil-spec 1911's under the SA name also. Except for the Custom Shop guns, they are all imported guns made by and assembled by Imbel in Brazil. Only the TRP's get some assembly in the US. The old NM serial numbered Mil-specs were also assembled here in the US.

ATF looks at Springfield as an importing company and doesn't include their production in the stats for US manufactured weapons except those from the Custom Shop. These can be found in the ATF listings under David Resse of Geneseo rather than the Springfield Custom Shop for some reason.
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