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Originally Posted by crazy View Post
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I didn't catch the part about breaking rules, being immoral, posting porn, swearing or anything else. The other post didn't say anything offensive. Was I being spanked just so someone could show me that they could? You tell me what my crime was.
I think it's fairly obvious looking at the before and after of your post exactly what leelaw saw and why he deleted it.

Originally Posted by crazy
..but if you have anyone to complain about, start with yourself. I have read your thread about your 80% lowers and find your attitude and customer service skills about as crappy as they come.
The Rules:

Originally Posted by The Rules
c)No spamming(solicitation of goods unrelated to that are
unwanted by users),trolling,flaming or other personal attacks. You may
disagree with other posters but please keep it clean and civil.
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