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Originally Posted by jmlivingston View Post
From the User Control Panel...

In the menu on the left hand side select "Edit Options".
In the main window go to the section titled "Messaging and Notifications"
Look for "Default Thread Subscription Mode".

Set this to "Instant Email Notification" or whatever other option you want. This will automatically subscribe you to any thread you post in.
When I subscribe the email notice informs me what the new post says without me even logging on to Calguns. It is easy to just discard the ones I don't have a need to respond to.

THe problem with the recomendation to set your control settings to allow this function isn't that "this will automatically subscribe you to any thread you post in", the problem this creates is that you are now subscribed to ALL threads you post in.

Some vBullitien versions allow for your choice. If this is the standard now, someone please ensure the latest version has been download and this feature of choice is allowed or stand by to get a ton of emails in your inbox!

What would I suggest to make Calguns better?

Keep the site fun and informative. The members having more than one common thread will make this a community and it will flourish.

The alternative is to make it like our nanny state and load us up with things you think you know better than us what is best for us and some will like it and most will hate it.

Just lighten up and keep it friendly in the pm's. It isn't any harder to be nice to a fellow Calgunner than it is to be an a.hole. Why not choose to be friendly instead of like the traffic cop (substitute anyone given new authority here) with an attitude (you know the guy, we have all met him from time to time).

We all want it to work and flourish here. If we didn't care about this site and our membership here we would have just said p1ss on it a long time ago and moved on to another site.

My two cents.

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