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Originally Posted by crazy View Post
Typical reply. If I deleted your posts, would you be happy. You don't even know what happened and if it's true and you're telling me to take a hike. I can see you have an open mind.
You're right. I don't know what happened, so I'm making blanket assumptions based on my own personal experience, which includes seeing very senior, very prominent CGN members get post edits, post deletions, thread locks, and even temporary bans for making posts which violated CGN's rules, and which has also included seeing more than a few former CGN members froth with indignant rage at receiving moderation after repeatedly demonstrating their lack of ability to operate within the CGN forum rules as a productive member of this little online community.

If you believe that any of your posts have been improperly moderated, then would you care to share the details of what you posted that was deleted despite not violating CGN's rules?

Disclaimer: I am just a regular CGN member, without any special status, responsibilities or privileges.
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