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Originally Posted by jlh95811 View Post
Where do you think you are... America?
This is California. lol

But no seriously...
This is a private forum and it appears the aim of those in charge is to portray gun owners in the best possible light. Cursing like sailors, posting porn, and the like will make us look bad.
Also this site is a family sight. It's not just for adults but also for the younger shooters. So tell me; Have you any children? Would you like them to read words or see things you think it best they don't experience yet? And how about those whos morals tell them not to view or do such things?
What makes you think I posted porn, cursing, or anything immoral. I did no such thing. I had a post modified. When I questioned the reason, I was told that nothing had been done but another post was just deleted. Just like that with a few keystrokes. I'll tell you that if that type of thing happens to me because of favoritism or someone's power trip, I will never support this forum.
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