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We got back to my place LATE...

Thanks to everyone who helped... Ben, Dave, Josh, James, Jim and Nickie from CRS Tuning, Randy, Tom and Deano!!! :P and everyone else.

Thanks for being there TDS Guns!! You guys are awesome!!

We had the ROUGHEST weekend EVER for me anyway...

Had a minor rear wheel issue that kept me out of the 50 min practice on fri...

Then I had to just jump right in qualifying with no track time and ran 2 secs slower than I had but still BARELY made it onto the grid... I had a tire de-laminate in the rear and Lucky I had the one ok lap because the motor blew up 1-2 laps later. I nursed it around to circulate but finally fluid was in the bodypan and getting on me....

Slippery and foggy it was not pretty but we were in.

We missed qualifying 2 with the bike not done yet and then they canceled warm up on sunday before the race (fog again)

So I had to test a new motor, new gearing, new forks and a new shock set up in the race. 39th to 24th and then I ran off in the corkscrew... While in the dirt 6 racers I JUST past went by... AHHHH had I just not rushed it and stayed RIGHT where I was I would have made some money and been 18th-19th at the flag... It was fun but bummed I was hoping for a top 15-18 at worst.

We learned a little more about set up which is cool!!

we made it out alive with a bunch of stuff happen and I guess a 24th from 39th is not terrible. :P

Thanks again glad I got to meet a few more of you!!

Bed now!!

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