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I started to work up loads for another one of my newly acquired bolt guns and I was shooting .45moa accuracy at 100 yards all day one target after another. I was surprised because this was just my starting loads.

CCI 200 LR primers
Federal brass (fire formed and neck sized only, did not trim at all so length varied)
40grain IMR4895, yes 40 grains!
155grn Hornady Amax
.020" off the lands.

This is shot out of a Remmy short action with 26" Kreiger fluted barrel 1/12 twist in a AICS stock. I was surprised that I was shooting such small groups with my first loads that I think that I might just stick to that formula for short range work. Saves on powder!

My next loads will be with some Varget that I use for my .223 loads. I'll be doing more case work this time like turning the necks and trimming to a uniform length. My goal would be to hit 1/4 moa.
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