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Default New - SKS Paratrooper Front Sight

This is a front sight assembly to convert any SKS to Paratrooper length without any barrel turning!

All it takes to convert a full length or 59/66 to a para is a hacksaw, a power drill, and a roundhead screw. To be sure the barrel face is flat, a face cutter can be used, but if you have a 90 degree square, a file can be used.

Parts include the cap Head screw, three set screws, and two Allen keys. The sight is high grade steel, which will expand and contract at the same rate as the barrel. Black oxide finish.

The sight fits every known SKS made. The list was

1. Several Russians from 1949 to 1956
2. Albanian
3. Romanian
4. Yugo M59 and M59/66
5. Chinese several units
6. East German
7. North Korean
8. North Vetnamese

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