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Originally Posted by tbhracing View Post
Lancear15- Here is my A/C unit, exactly how I bought the house 7 years ago. I want to clean it, but its going to some extra work. Visual inspection from the outside doesnt show any build up. But thanks for the heads up.


I can't believe they permanently fenced it in... not much forethought by the builder I guess.

Not to difficult to work around. I would take a sawzall and cut the posts flush with the earth. On top of the posts still in the ground screw one of these on ,with the open end up of course. Screw it down to the post in the ground, set the fence back on top and screw in the side tabs of the simpson tie. Paint the cut ends of the post (to protect them) and the simpson tie to match, you could even pick a new color and paint the whole fence too.

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