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Default Addition to Bullet Button List

First I would like to apologize for not have the website updated with pictures of all of our products. We currently are doing a complete overhaul of the website to hopefully make it easier to use and a cleaner appearance. We hope to have most of it updated next week.

The new addition to the Bullet Button™ line is the HK SL8 Bullet Button™.

The HK SL8 Bullet Button ™ attaches to the receiver using an existing hole and pin that attaches the mag release to the rifle; an addition screw is added to add stability to the lock. The HK SL8 Bullet Button ™ is made from Delrin. This is a shroud type Bullet Button™ similar in function to our AK line of Bullet Buttons™. It is like all Bullet Buttons™ completely reversible and requires no gunsmithing.


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