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Default Freelance Writer and Editor *Now looking for full time work!*

Believe it or not, when I'm not trolling the CalGuns forums I'm actually employed as a writer and editor! I hold a bachelor's degree in English literature and have been employed for several years as a content editor for a Korean game publisher.

I'd like to pick up some extra money on the side, so I'm offering my services as an editor, tutor, or writer to the CalGuns community. I have experience tutoring ESL students at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. I can offer help with writing not only from the stance of grammar and spelling, but also coherency, logic, and argument.

As a writer I have not only worked on creative projects independently, but my stories have been published in the games I work on as well. A fair amount of my experience is in copy writing so I can work on marketing projects as well as creative writing.

My rates are completely negotiable and will vary depending on the level of difficulty of the services required. For example, I would charge less on high school papers or tutoring than I would for college level services. I currently live in Long Beach, CA and would prefer local work where I can help face to face. Depending on the service required I can work with customers online if I believe it is possible to offer the standard of excellence I expect of myself.

Services Offered:
Writing Copy

Services Not Offered:
Essay Writing

Examples of my work will be provided upon request. Please PM me to negotiate rates and services. I will work for goods as well as cash. Cash payment is preferred, but PayPal payment is a possibility if dealing with an online job.

Please note that while I can provide excellent services I do not provide any guarantee of increased grades or sales. All services are offered as is.
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