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One phone call was all it took...
I had just about given up on the idea of building my own rifle. I'd called and/or visited all of the shops local to me in the IE. I'd done my homework. I knew what I was looking for. I knew the lingo. Yet, I got nowhere. Had I forgotten to give the password? Was there a secret handshake? What had I missed?

You see, I knew my progress would be slow (I'm house poor), and I just couldn't bear the thought of having to deal with these shops and their poor attitudes & lousy service over and over again during the course of my build. What was I gonna do?

As a last ditch effort, I ended up calling RifleGear. What do I mean by "last ditch"? Well, in order to get there I'd have to use some combination of the following: I-10, SR-60, I-215, I-15, SR-71, SR-91, SR-241, SR-133, SR-55, SR-57, I-405 (and yes, I know all the back roads; I drive for a living).
...and there it was. In an instant - and over the phone, no less - I had found what was missing; enthusiasm, courtesy, product knowledge. I could hardly believe it. Two days later I found myself at RifleGear purchasing the first part for my build (a Noveske lower). What had been conveyed over the phone was multiplied in person at the shop.

My hat is off to the guys (and gals) at RifleGear. They got it right!

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