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Default Rivviepop's Howto: insert pics into your ads (easy instructions w/ screenshots)

This "How To" was originally created by one of our members, Rivviepop. I have rather blatantly copied it here. The credit for this belongs to him, I have not edited a single character from his original posts. ~jmlivingston

PART 1 (broken up due to forum limitations)

How to upload your pics online and add them to your posts (ads, etc.)

Several free online services allow you to upload smaller pictures (1024x768 sized and smaller, usually) for free and use their website to insert your pictures into forums like Calguns with little work. This Howto explains using as the free service provider, as they seem to make it the easiest for everyone. The images used below in this howto are inserted exactly according to the steps below as well, so it's a self-example of how it works.

(1) Start by going to in your web browser of choice. Firefox on Windows is being used in this example, but all browsers on all systems (i.e. Safari on a Mac OS X) work exactly the same way - if the images below don't match yours exactly don't sweat it, adapt mentally as you follow along.

(2) Click the Join Now in the upper right hand corner of the website to begin.

(3) Fill out the initial information as requested, this can be anything you would like. Do not give out this username/password to anyone, etc. as usual with websites, click the Next Step button to continue.

(4) Fill in the remaining information as requested. Notice in the screenshot below you do not need to enter your real phone number, birthday and so on. It is always better for your personal privacy to not use your real information if needed, just make something up then click the I accept button to continue.

(5) After the account has been created (or you are returning to the website after signing in again) you get your main "album" - think of it as your personal photo space. To begin uploading pictures, click one of the Browse buttons in the box near the upper right like below:

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