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Default (Part 2) Howto: insert pics into your ads (easy instructions w/ screenshots)

PART 2 (broken up due to forum limitations)

(6) Select the picture you wish to upload, a random knife picture is used in his example:

(7) Now click the Upload button to actually upload your pictures from your computer to their website:

(8) If this is the first time you have uploaded a picture, you will see a screen like the below. Click on the indicated link Always skip this step so you never see this garbage again:

(9) Your picture is now on their website, the last step is to actually insert it into your forum posting(s), which Photobucket makes very, very easy. Find your picture of choice from the thumbnails, and right below it are 4 text boxes - highlight the bottom one labeled IMG Code and copy that (CTRL+C or Rightmouse->Copy):

(10) Last step! Start to create your new post or reply to an existing thread to get the editing box on; your editing box may look fancier than the screenshot below depending on your personal forum settings. Now simply paste (CTRL+V or Rightmouse->Paste) into your post and it looks like this:

NOTE: in the last step you will notice a red circle around the [IMG] text. You cannot tell from this screenshot, but every image link must have the text [IMG] in front of it, and the text [/IMG] after it. These are the special codes that tell the forum that this is a picture and to show it inline. Your final line of text to show the picture should look like this, using your own picture of course in the middle:


Remember to use the Preview Post button on Calguns to see what it looks like first!