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Default My thread disappeared!!!!

"Yup, one, or more, of my threads disappeared," you tell yourself.

Well, there's probably a very clear reason why, and it's probably because one or more of the For Sale Forum rules were broken.

For review, the rules are available for your viewing pleasure here:

The one most likely to get a thread deleted is
5) When posting within these forums - we ask that you keep all items to one thread per sub-forum only. Multiple threads opened for various items by one member may result in all threads by that member's posts being deleted. Back to the Top (BTT) is allowed once every 24 hours. This rule also encompasses all the other methods used to surreptiously bump a thread sooner than allowed. Clever 'sales comments' and addendums that can easily be added to the original post are just some examples.
Highlight added to show the most broken part I've encountered.

The rules show that the offending threads are to be deleted; however, I've been merging your multiple threads into one... for the first time. If you keep posting multiple threads, your first thread will be kept, and all subsequent ones will be locked or deleted.

Please heed this warning. It takes time to keep this place clean, and it's unfair for other sellers when someone posts multiple threads, effectively bumping the other sellers down or off the page.