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Originally Posted by bigcalidave View Post
As for the CCW permit, there are lines for 3 weapons, which is the only reason I can find for any county to restrict it to 3 weapons. This restriction bothers me a lot, I hope the future can implement a change to that. What does it matter which guns I carry? I like the Utah permit, much more professional. It's absurd that CA still hands out the rice paper permits.

I haven't heard of a Sheriff requiring registered guns. Is that really an issue somewhere?
The app has space for three guns, and it does state to use additional pages to add more if needed. Seems silly to restrict ti to particular guns. I could see an argument to qualify with revolvers or semiautomatics, but it's a weak one.

I have read in posts here and elsewhere that the Sheriff of some counties does verify that the gun listed is registered to the applicant, but those are of unknown age/reliability. I don't have links to them either, but will see if I can dig them up.
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Sacramento would declare martial law sooner than they'd meet with Gandhi, Gautama Budda, and Jesus Christ if the three were packing heat.
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Even people not from San Francisco can appreciate a good public spanking like this.
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