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Originally Posted by thebronze View Post
I didn't get a reply from you, thus you ignored it. Deliberate or not.

And no, I don't think I will.

Emails get lost. They get put in junk mail folders.

They might get accidently overlooked if there's a whole slew of other emails and junk mails around them. Bad office practice perhaps, but, hey, this is a voluntary effort. We didn't, and don't, actually owe you any attention whatsoever.

None of these are the same as "ignored", which implies that we considered your email and deliberately decided that you did not deserve a reply.

That never happened. There is no reason whatsoever why it should have happened.

You are taking a personal slight over something that never happened and suggesting stringly to other people, without any justification, that it will happen to them as well. You ignore my apologies.

Grow up and get a pair. Stop sulking in the corner of the schoolyard. "Mommy, Johnny ignored me! Bah-hoo!" How childish.
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