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Originally Posted by Glock22Fan View Post
Actually, I don't think that we've ever had a paying client through any web forum, unless they have approached us without disclosing their origin. Subject to that comment, we think that 100% of our paying clients come either by recommendation or through our website. We are the top listed non-advertising Google website for "California concealed firearm permits" (and similar phrases) and were so within a few weeks of opening. Advice offered here is considered to be pro-bono.

And I've personally never had a cent out of anyone for it whatsoever. I'm in it to forward the movement.
Want to point out here I was more responding to the comment the bronze made about "slipping through the cracks". I was pointing out why it is not in the best interest of TBJ to forget emails, considering the continual accusations of "TBJ just being in it for the money", which we both know that's not really true. It's just that TBJ's baliwick is geared toward existing California case law, unless this has changed since McDonald.

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