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Billy Jack and Glock22Fan have a TON of experience in helping people navigate the traditional CCW waters. They have often offered to help with an initial application for free. If you get rejected and choose to use their services to appeal it isn't free but I have only heard good things about their batting average.
Thank you, Dan, much appreciated. We will indeed always help an initial applicant for free, right through to the denial of any appeal (should that turn out to be the case). Some people don't like it when we tell them they are wasting their time, but we can usually help improve the chances of people who have a reasonable possibility of success and the willingness to take our advice. Money doesn't enter into it unless and until it is necessary to involve attorneys or do investigative work into the department's files.

We do ask that applicants study the pages on our site, particularly those under "Getting Started" before asking us for help. An informed applicant is a prepared applicant.
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