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Originally Posted by haveyourmile View Post
I'm getting frustrated because I'm really not sure who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't
That can be frustrating.

For the "official" CGF line look toward hoffmang, wildhawker and bwiese. You can also PM them if you would like to ask a question directly, they are quite approachable. There are also other CGF board members here such as TheQuark, you can usually identify them by their sig line.

Billy Jack and Glock22Fan have a TON of experience in helping people navigate the traditional CCW waters. They have often offered to help with an initial application for free. If you get rejected and choose to use their services to appeal it isn't free but I have only heard good things about their batting average.

The rest are volunteers at some level or another. Gray is doing a lot of work with CGF on the CCW compliance right now so he's a good contact who can give you the straight scoop.

As for the rest, you'll have to read peoples' posts here and other places and make up your own mind on who to rely upon and who to read "for entertainment purposes only."
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