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Sent this to Lake Tahoe Basin Unit (National Forest)
I'm curious about carrying a holstered firearm while in the Lake Tahoe Basin Area. I will NOT be hunting or target shooting but would like to carry a holstered sidearm for protection. Am I legally able to do this? I have heard MANY different opinions on this and each time I have called your office I have received a different answer. I would like to be following the law but am confused. What constitutes loaded?. Can you clarify which is applicable on National Forest land? What about on marked trails with NO vehicle traffic? May I carry (either loaded or unloaded) there? I would like to be able to carry my firearm but also want to be in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws. I appreciate your help on this issue. Thanks!

This was the response I got which I have printed out and carry with me while hiking up there

When on National forest lands you may carry a loaded firearm, meaning a 'round is in the chamber'. As far as the lands under ownership by the States, Counties and the Cities of the Lake Tahoe basin , you will need to contact them directly for the rules and regulations.

Happy snow-covered trails!!!!!! Laurel
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