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Default Available Product

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know our current inventory of product. I apologize for not including pictures, yet. We are working on updating our website with the latest products and images and when that is completed we will update images on calguns as well.


California Conversion
AK 47 Bullet/Saiga Version II Bullet Button - Newly released
Thompson Bullet Button Newly released
HK USC Bullet Button - Newly released
Saiga 12 Bullet Button - Newly released
AR 15 Bullet Button
Prince50 Maglock
AK 47 Bullet Button
Saiga Bullet Button
Hi-Point Bullet Button
FN SCAR Bullet Button
MSAR 556 Bullet Button
MSAR E Bullet Button
Bushmaster ACR Bullet Button
AR-57 Bullet Button
.416 Barrett or 50 BMG Bullet Button
LAR-8 BB Bullet Button
FN FS2000 Kit (Kits include barrel extension with Bullet Button)
FN PS90 Kit
FN SCAR Stock Stopper
Sig Stock Stopper
Bullet Button Tool
Prince50 Wonder Wrench
Prince50 Extended Takedown Pin
Speed Funnel

Serbu BFG Monopod
Barrett M82 monopod
Barrett M99 Monopod
AMAC Monopod
Armalite Monopod
Armalite Bipod

1919A4 M2HB style barrel conversions
CAR stock adapter for Mossberg 500,Remington 870
POF receiver sleeves
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