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Originally Posted by smilee View Post
Lots of great info. Thanks. I am new to reloading. My only question is. Is there a progressive press that does mag cartriges as we ll as smaller or do i have to get a single stage for the magnum. Forgive my spelling. Thank you
I assume you use the term "magnum" here in reference to larger rifle cases and not .357/.44 Magnum. Is that correct?

While I have not done it myself, I believe the Dillon 550, 650 and 1050 presses will do what you need, assuming you can get dies for the calibers you want to do. I know Dillon offers a magnum-size powder bar as an optional accessory. If you are talking .50BMG, Dillon makes a special press for that as well. They call it "semi-progressive".

Chances are that other presses will work too as long as they have enough travel to accept a long case and bullet.

Also take a look at the Lee Classic Turret press. It can be used as a single stage or semi-progressive and it has a good amount of ram travel. Only costs $100 for the press itself and accessorize are somewhat inexpensive compared to the Dillon stuff.

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