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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
Most likely, you were not lubing correctly and you picked up some brass on the sizing die.
That brass sticks to the die and then scratches every case you size.
Either that, or you had a burr at the vent hole.
The vent is right at the shoulder and is designed to vent off excess lube so you don't get lube dents.
The vent often clogs up if you use too much lube and acts just like you explained by locking up the locknut on the outside of the die.
Being new to this trim setup almost anything is possible, but:
>It wasn't a burr on the vent hole, I checked that when I cleaned the die before using it plus the scratches on the cases cover about 1/3 of the body... way too much to be from the vent hole.
>The lube die seemed to be doing its job, in fact a little too much. I had a number of cases with small lube dents in the shoulder.
>I did find quite a few brass trimmings inside the top of the die and in some of the sized cases. I didn't think they could scratch a steel die but I see how they could scratch other cases if they were stuck inside the die. However, the die itself appeared to be scratched. I tried cleaning it with no luck. Sent it back to Dillon and they seemed to thing it was scratched too.
>I wish I had disassembled the nut from the die and looked closer at the stuff that was in the threads. It looked like it could be steel, the threads appeared to be galling, but I can't say for sure. I do have good macro pictures of it however. I wish the lock nut had a little more thread to engage. That die seems to have to go too far into the tool head, not enough thread above the head for the nut to hold on to (because of the "windows").
>I'm going to try again soon. I'll report back.
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