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Hi Randall,

Have you ever had a problem with scratched dies? I did a similar setup on my Dillon 550 with the RCBS lube die and Dillon trimmer. The first 100 cases worked like a charm but sometime during the next 100 the size/trim die became scratched and about half the second batch of cases had long scratches in them from the shoulder to near the base. The brass was all from the same lot and it had been cleaned and polished. On disassembly I found some sort of coarse debris stuck in the threads of the lock nut (the one that locks the die to the tool head... it wasn't there when I assembled the setup). The nut could not be removed from the die without either some serious cleaning effort or considerable force. Neither was used and the die was returned to Dillon for their inspection. They sent me another one but had no clue as to how it happened. Do you have any thoughts before I try another batch of cases?

Thanks - JC Smith
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