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Originally Posted by MoBait View Post
Last week I was driving home after a fishing trip and made a u turn at a 3 way intersection (no stop sign or signal lights). The officer behind me cut me off while I was making the u-turn. Two officers exit the vehicle and approach. The driver asks for license, reg and insurance. Before I can get them:

PO: Do you have any firearms in the car?
ME: I have nothing illegal in the vehicle.
PO: I asked if you have any firearms in the car.
ME: I do not have anything illegal in my vehicle.
PO: Step out of the car and put your hands behind your back.
ME: (Handcuffs applied)
PO: Do you think a legal gun wont kill someone?
PO: When I ask you if you have any firearms it's for my survival.
PO: Did you know you have committed a crime by not answering my question?
ME: What crime is that?
PO: Penal code 148, you should check it out.
ME: I will.
PO: Did you know its illegal to have a gun in your car?
ME: Really? How do people go to shooting ranges?
PO: So, are you getting back from the shooting range?
ME: No.
PO: Wait here.
ME: (stood for 10 minutes)
PO: So you said you were at the range today, right?
ME: No, I did not say that.
PO: (Takes my handcuffs off and gives me citation for illegal u-turn)
Cover PO: Did you ask to search his car?
PO: I figured he wouldn't let us.
PO: Will you let us take a look in your car?
ME: Not without a warrant.
Cover PO: (to me): Just wait, one of these days it'll be your turn
PO: I hope you don't leave your car parked here overnight.
ME: Have a good night officers.

It was definitely a very weird encounter. Did I handle this improperly?
although its been stated before, it should be noted that the assertion that the car is free from anything illegal is dangerous: with state laws being numerous and obscure, violating one is meant to be nigh impossible so as to facilitate easy search. also, if you are dealing with a particularly nasty LEO (which it certainly sounds like you were) then getting into an argument/pissing match is probably not the best idea for a number of reasons. I don't meant to be overly critical or say I would be able to restrain myself from ripping into the guy either, no here. all in all I would say bravo, way to keep your head in a tough spot
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