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Originally Posted by Fyathyrio View Post

I'm looking to do a setup similar to yours with the Dillon trimmer and RCBS lube die on my LnL press, now that nearly a year has passed since you wrote this...would you do anything different? I'll be doing both .223 and .308.

One suggestion I would make, since I'm doing the same thing with an LNL: make sure that as part of your setup for processing brass you remove the priming punch. If you get stray brass chips in the priming punch it can hang up the shuttle and damage the shuttle and/or cam follower. With the Dillon trimmer on you will get a lot of chips flying around, even with the vacuum attachment. If this is a permanent setup (i.e. process on the LNL and load on another progressive), I would remove the cam follower completely and just let the spring tension hold the shuttle in place for the entire stroke.
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