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Thomas Pesek, Great mistakes...1986 Jan-march 010 13th division.
a-school Lakehurst new jersey (nattc) , ebats and navarspec 9 mod 3 steam cat.

ABE, elite of the fleet.

and hey, I saw my old petty officer 1st class from the tech library ( Johnston) on cops being arrested for crack in Philly pa, what a dope. ha ha ha ..

nick name at NATTC was paycheck, i hardly spoke unless it was payday. ha ha ha .

my father was a 40 yr army officer (cwo-4)and did 8 navy and taught me, dont let them learn your name. he was right. my old solider dad died last month. was on pork chop hill in korea and da-nang in nam. 2nd division infrantry.

I miss you sir.
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