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Originally Posted by Z ME FLY View Post
$400 is a ok amount. What I would suggest for you is that with any kit you find, you will want a matching #'s kit and with the original barrel. For example I have recently seen Romanian AK47 Kits for about $250-$300, matching #'s and original barrel.

You factor the cost of the parts
flat- $20
center support $7
Rivets $10
mag lock $30

After that, you just have to replace 6 of the foreign parts with US made parts. For example this is what I normally do,
Tapco Trigger Group (3 parts) $30
Cheap US made slant brake (1 part) $10-15
Receiver (1 part)
Pistol Grip (1 part) $10.

Parts- $67, US made stuff $50

Add about $120 to whatever parts kit you get then you are there.
Ok. That sounds very reasonable. Thanks for all the info. I had picked up tidbits of it from various sources, but you kinda compiled all the info I need. That's exactly the standard of quality and courtesy I'd expect from Calgunners.

So basically I'm looking at building this over the course of a couple months because of shipping times and budgets and what have you. And if I understood you correctly, I should get a Romanian receiver and that would be compatible with whatever Romanian parts kit I get down the road. I'm gonna order one now!
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