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Welcome back Alex!
excited to try out this Park Recipe from Pat aka Restoreit

Originally Posted by restoreit1

I use metal prep and etch sold in 1 gal amounts at Home depot it is green in color and about 85% phosphoric acid. The manganese can be found in pottery shops and on the net for under $5.00 a pound.

I use 2 OZ acid
1 oz manganese
1 gal water

So if you need more solution just repeat .

I use well water or tap water, heat solution to at least 195 degrees then add 2 steel wool pads (non soap) let cook until pads are dissolved. parts will fizz like hell the longer you cook the blacker parts come out. Then I dunk in water to rinse air dry with compressed air getting all water out of cracks. then spray with wd 40 or any oil preferably wd40 first then dunk in oil . let set for a couple days to set up .
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