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Here! Here! Publish this thing and make it standard education to any rifle shooter.

I quit shooting Long range at Sac Valley because of my frustration with the pit crew. Without fail, there was a total inability of the pit crew to do the pit job to any satisfaction of the shooters. Wasn't just me seeing this. Month after month I recall many shooters, and myself having to call out to the RO to radio down to the pit to wake them up.

When you go to a rifle match, shooting is HALF of your responsibilty at the range that day. Too many "shooters" either think they are special to the point that they don't have to take and follow instruction, or they are too inept to process that instruction. Both of these classes of individual should not be out playing with potentially deadly weapons.

Threre is a lot of time and $$ invested by a serious long range shooter- all that becomes moot when there is improper or incomplete feedback from the pit crew. Frustrating as hell. They are 1000 yards away, they can't hear you yell, and they are too well hidden to fire a warning shot accross the brim of their digi camo hat.
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