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Originally Posted by Pinto View Post
Plus he let a girl beat him However, he did move up from starting 29th.

Got mention on TV when he held up the leaders lapping him - nice head-on shot, had to pause to see detail, no logos visible or mention of sponsers.

Highlights @ 11 AM on SPEED; today's race replayed at 9 PM on SPEED
Nice yeah the TV does not tell the whole story at all... The blue flag (your being lapped) was out 6 laps prior to us being lapped... So we did not know the leaders were ON us thill they were ON us and slow down too much your race is over as well... But yeah I passed that "girl" at LEAST 7-8 times... I am 190 lbs on a worn out never re-built 116 HP 2007 year bike with 4,000 miles on it... (well 3,500 but who's counting) and she has a 2010 "FACTORY" yamaha (her husband is Yamaha factory rider Josh Hayes) with 125+ and she weighs 98 lbs... (but again who's counting) And she is a pretty good rider but 190 to 98 and the HP it is tough to beat that and mentally also as no guy wants to beat by a girl unless your paying for it.. Oh yeah and the fact that I hopped off the couch after 10 months and rode a trackday on the 19th of last month and the AFM race a few wks back and hit the national... I think its ok... But I think this was sorta meant to be a thread crap so thanks I guess??? :P

Alex I am trying to be there next week... If so I hope to see you in your new rig!!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH all of the CGer's that ended up coming out.
Some I knew and some are new friends...

Ben, Dave, James, Forrest, Angelica, Chris, AJ and everyone else... I am COOKED from all the stress and we did some cooking...

Truly I am and was PROUD to represent CGN and Gpal and I know we made impressions this weekend and hope to get out again... I see good things coming up!!

It was extremily fun... I have a tweaked ankle from getting hit in the re-start of race two... I plan to ride maybe next weekend at the AFM race and even do more representing and bring home 3 top 5's at least...
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