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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
OK, it sounds like mom is still alive. In that case, with her being a non-licensed (doesn't have an FFL) resident of GA, and you being a non-licensed resident of CA, it is a violation of Federal law for her to give you the rifle and for you to import it back to CA. You must use a CA FFL to facilitate the transfer from her to you. You can't just bring it back with your and fill out a CADOJ form. A CADOJ form does not exempt you from federal law, and there is no federal intrafamily exemption.
Just wondering but I thought intrafamily transfers of a long gun could be just "here you go son" and that was it, or is this different since its out of state?
Also if she came to CA with the gun couldent she just hand it to him and say "here you go son alls good and done"?

(I know only up or down Son to mother grandfather or vice-versa, and no side to side sister to brother)
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