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Originally Posted by DaveFJ80 View Post
Just so that I'm clear on this, from reading this thread and the Calguns Wiki FAQ about Intrafamily transfers.....

My dad is now a resident of South Dakota (and is ex-LEO of CA, but I know that doesn't matter). He is physically bringing a non-rostered handgun (SA XDm) with him to CA to do the Intrafamily transfer.

- Will a FFL still be needed?
- Does it go by where the handgun and transfer are physically taking place?
- Or does it go by where the current registered owner resides?
- Will the DOJ transfer form need to be filled out and mailed in seperately with payment? Or can this be done at the FFL?

And a side question....

- Can the Intrafamily transfer include a gun with either no mags, or the high cap mags broken down and transferred to me in CA as rebuild kits? Specifically the SA XDM mags.
I basically have this same issue, let me know how you handle the Magazine issue