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jdewolf - Jin, in good ol' Encinitas, CA.

Special skills?

1.) Mobile Notary services, I'll give good discounts to anybody in the area. Not sure how useful that is to anybody on here... but I do it. Maybe I should advertise will work for ammo?

2.) Computer technician/consultant. I do a lot of house calls for simple stuff [although I hate it]. Also I help people address issues and potential issues on home based as well was businesses.

3.) CD/DVD duplication and media transfer. A lot of my business is based on small businesses that need fast turn around for their product DVDs. I've worked with small local artists that need competitive pricing as most places won't touch their work unless they order 1000's of CDs at a time. I don't do a lot of video editing but I can do the basics. With what I focus my business on it isn't profitable/realistic to learn more than basic editing. Splicing, cutting and basic audio type of stuff. E.g. a customer shoots a long video and needs it spliced into a sequence or get rid of the outtakes. I do a lot of media transfers as well. Mainly people who have old VHS tapes and want it transfered to DVD. Also do VHS-C, and other camcorder based media. Tape media doesn't last forever, and a lot of people don't have the equipment to play it anymore.

4.) I have access to digital presses and can give good turn around and competitive pricing on normal sized print. Think 8.5x11, 11x17, and 12x18 [typically used for full bleed 11x17].
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